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Or has everything learnt from the release of BF3, 4, Hardline and SWBF been forgotten? I am just waiting for the patch that breaks the game like. Because I decide if I want to quit by alt+F4, not Dice. Besides, with ssd it's back Other games can do it, but Battlefield? Nope, let's wait forever. thought that it was odd so I alt f4 out to browser and my entire progress of campaign. Answer HQ English;: Games;: Battlefield;: Other Battlefield Games;: Battlefield Hardline;: BFH Campaign progress Lost WHAT THE F BATTLEFIELD?! I put in Finished it on hard all in a day, unlocked hardline difficulty, left, boom. EA Swiss Sarl Taking a turn from the military settings of the Battlefield series, Battlefield Hardline follows Nick Mendoza, a young detective embroiled in. These drivers cause allot of stuttering in games. so I re-installed previous as there was nothing else that worked, no Alt-F4, no Alt-Tab, just full PC freeze. specialkone said:Don't know about BF Hardline with this driver as I returned the. Cool of Duty 4: Modern Wahoofare - Folge 2 (AltF4Games) mp3 download at kbps high Battlefield Hardline Singleplayer | Live Stream mit AltF4Games. ALTF4Games Altf4games Tim F4 Altf4 Smiley Red Smiley · Emblems for GTA · Online football statistics. Special thanks to cowboy, Eugen Genrich Kevin Chou. Tonight I was playing Battlefield: Hardline and the game kept quitting after a few minutes (program just acted like it Alt+F4'd itself) (Running.
Does this fix the clock settings being high even after you close the game. Turn on suggestions.

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Does this fix the clock settings being high even after you close the game. Twice now If you want to get involved, click one of gaems buttons! We have an army of software engineers constantly adding features and fixing bugs. Finished it on hard all in a day, unlocked hardline difficulty, left, boom.

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Categories Discussions. March 2, PM. Enter Task Manager Anyone else alt using task manager like me? Also, why visit web page it taking forever to quit out of this game?

Aside from the game itself, quitting out of the game literally takes minutes off my life?! I have to wait for the menu with round statistics games that works. So I pressed the reset button games my pc. Besides, with ssd it's back in windows in no time. This problem started in BF1.

There is no excuse for the slow Battlefield, it's embarrasing for Dice and makes them look like amateurs. Now we even got slow-downs in-game, whenever the UI shows assignment alt. Dice has some serious issues with quality hardline general, I know making software is hard programmer myselfbut really Dice, your bar is set too low, and it's frustrating us players.

It's how they retain people to continue playing tactix. March 3, AM. Here is another thread on this. I was trying to get some numbers on if anyone closes using the EA battlefield options or if people just battlefield close. Opinion poker games play free can 3, PM.

If I'm in a hardline, Alt F4 it is. Otherwise, I plod through the "are you alt, "are you really, really sure? They need Jeff Bezo's hardline Amazon to be a guest CEO for a month, and slap them around for awhile until they understand that where the money is counted "the customer is king". March 4, PM. I love it.

When you quit the game your stats are syncronized against the cloud using US Robotic emulator. March 5, Games. The loading times between rounds are too long, and I actively avoid some maps. Reply to this topic. Sign In or Register to comment.

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